My Services.

I currently have 4 different types of services that I am able to provide when a client requests a photoshoot. Those being: Portraits, Projections, Blacklights and Packages.


A portrait photograph is a way of capturing a person's appearance, personality and mood in a single image. It can be a valuable memory of a loved one, a creative expression of oneself, or a professional representation of one's identity. A portrait photograph can also convey a message, a story, or an emotion to the viewer. Having a portrait photograph can help you preserve your history, celebrate your achievements, or share your vision with others.


When you hear "boudoir," you might think of nudity or sexiness. But at its core, boudoir photography is about celebrating the beauty of the human body and helping people feel good about themselves. It's about creating an experience that makes you feel beautiful, empowered and confident.

Reasons to book a boudoir shoot:
  • Celebrate birthdays - turning 30, 40, 50, 60!
  • To give a special gift to someone important
  • Because you deserve it.

Blacklight photography can be a fun and creative way to experiment with different effects and colors. Using props, clothes, and makeup that glow under the black light, or UV paint for a more artistic look. It can be used to capture portraits that have a psychedelic or surreal effect.


There is no one size fits all when it comes to an empowering and artsy (RTSY) portraiture experience. Every photo session is customized to you. Upon booking, you will receive a digital posing guide and tips for finding just the right outfits to let your personality shine through. Before your session, we will do a full consultation to go discuss vision.